Job opportunities

Qubit Africa Pty Ltd is looking for dynamic, experienced, and goal-driven professionals to be part of our team that designs, develops and delivers captivating, interactive, and custom-tailored e-learning programs from Grade R-12. If you are goal-orientated, versatile, dedicated and passionate about education, one of these job opportunities could be yours. We are looking for qualified educators to work as contractors (fixed period/s) in various fields. Contracts are renewable subject to performance; punctuality, meeting deadlines, following the briefs, a keen eye for and attention to detail, etc. You do not have to leave your current job as you will be working as a contractor on a fixed period.


We have job openings in the following disciplines;

1.     Languages:

·        English

·        Afrikaans

·        Sotho

·        Zulu

2.     Mathematics

·        Mathematical Literacy

·        Physical Sciences

·        Life Sciences

·        Computer Applications Technology

·        Information Technology

3.     Accounting

·        Business Studies

·        Economics

4.     Geography

·        History

·        Life Orientation

·        Religion Studies

5.     Consumer Studies

·        Hospitality Studies

·        Tourism

6.     Dramatic Arts

·        Dance Studies

·        Design

·        Music

·        Visual Arts

7.     Agricultural Sciences

·        Agricultural Management Practices

·        Agricultural Technology

8.     Civil Technology

·        Mechanical Technology

·        Electrical Technology

·        Engineering

·        Graphic Design


Key Responsibilities

·        Producing a full-term course content that will be uploaded to the Learning Management System.

o    Writing content for each and every lesson of the course

o    Planning, preparing and creating lesson plans and instructional materials that facilitate active and collaborative learning

o    Developing schemes of work, lesson plans and tests that are in accordance with established procedures

o    Instructing and directing learners in the use of learning  aids/materials and equipment

o    Creating activities that enable interaction, motivation, induce curiosity, and provoke thinking, imagination and application of the concept taught

o    Establishing and communicating clear objectives for all learning activities

o    Providing a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities (including audio, visuals, web links, etc.)    

o    Creating assessments that are aimed at evaluating whether or not the content met the initially stated objectives for each lesson  

o     Creating assessments that meet the target audience’s needs and that align to learning outcomes

o    Communicate necessary information clearly to the design team, developers, management and colleagues regarding the materials, content flow, assessment procedures as well as evaluation criteria

o    Providing grading guidelines for class work, homework, tests and assignments to the design team and developers


Minimum Requirements


·        A relevant diploma or degree in Education specializing in one or more subject(s) applied to

·        A relevant diploma or degree in Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, Curriculum Design, Content Development, or other related disciplines  

·        A degree in relevant field specializing in subject(s) applied to

·        Certification in assessment will be a huge advantage


Knowledge and Experience

·        A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the subject(s) of specialty

·        A proven record of previous work

·        A clear understanding of the subject matter

·        Experience designing/creating online learning material

·        Computer Literacy – essential

·        Knowledge and understanding of computer applications is essential – MS Office; PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, and the Internet

·        A clear understanding of different learning styles to cater for diverse audience

·        A clear understanding of different learning theories/methodologies    



·        Ability to work well under pressure

·        Ability to work on multiple tasks at the same time

·        Ability to persevere under tight deadlines in a rapidly changing environment to develop and deliver innovative solutions

·        Ability to effectively adapt to changing needs and priorities while maintaining a positive attitude with a focus on client success

·       Ability to receive and apply feedback.

·        Willingness and eagerness to learn new and preferred methodologies

·        A keen eye for and attention to detail

·        Analytical Thinking

·        Exceptional written and spoken language of medium

·        Exceptional presentation skills

·        Exceptional communication skills

·        Exceptional interpersonal skills that are leveraged to build and maintain relationships and trust with management, the design team and clients

·        Coaching

·        Strong planning and organizational and problem-solving skills




Market related based on experience and qualifications, and the scope of work done


To apply

Go to 

All applications should be in on or before 31st October 2017. Please send your CV and specify the job you are applying for in the ‘Subject’ area to careers@qubitafrica.comIf you have not heard from us in three months, please consider your application unsuccessful. However, we do keep applications in our system to reconsider when something suitable is available. Applicants who have been short-listed will be given a pre-interview task to test their abilities. Only applicants who perform this task best will be interviewed.  



We have over 20 years of collective experience in ICT, Education, and Educational new media