Qubit Africa (Pty) Ltd focuses on the following deliverables


Qubit Africa (Pty) Ltd conceptualize, plan and design online, blended or trainer-led learning content that includes eLearning modules, content development (script writing and/or editing), design, narration, and posting to learning management systems. Instructional Design and eLearning principles influence the designs. We use object-oriented media designed to motivate learners, to increase course interactivity, to provide novel and interesting views of course content, to simulate real-world scenarios, and to provide stimulating alternatives to drill-and-practice instruction.

– Program/Curriculum Design & Development

– Program/curriculum & Course evaluation

– Course Design and Development

– New Program Services

– Existing Program Services

– Program Needs and Analysis Report



Instructional Design

Qubit Africa (Pty) Ltd produce robust Instructional Designs, Instructional Materials, Object-oriented Media, (etc.) for corporate, government, healthcare and educational industries. Our highly qualified and experienced team of educators, Instructional designers, and ICT professionals spend time with your SMEs to learn and understand your company needs. After this, we use both Instructional Design and dominant Adult Learning principles to come up with custom-tailored training that addresses all your company needs to take it the next level. Our training and training materials are interactive, flexible, collaborative, user-friendly, as well as captivating. For this reason, your trainees have no excuse not pay much needed attention to the bottom line. Cut down on transportation fees, lodging fees, conference room fees as well as time taken away from work to cater for traditional training. Your employees and trainees can access training anywhere, anytime, regardless of obstacles of time and place. Feel free to contact us for more information.




At Qubit Africa (Pty) Ltd, we understand that there are still companies, organisations, as well as institutions that still prefer traditional Instructor-led Training. This does not mean that training should be monotonous and uninteresting. Whether it is a Blended Training or solely Instructor-led Training, we use multi-media tools to help you produce robust, captivating and interactive training to keep your employees and trainees motivated and eager to learn more. We will help you with storyboards, printable infographics as well as presentation guidelines to make your training more interesting, exciting and comprehensible.




We provide full IT services to telecom companies across Africa and abroad. Our IT services include;

– Billing Software

– Systems Analysis, Design, Development & Implementation

– Analysis, Development & Implementation of complex systems

– Translation of Business Needs & Requirements into software applications

– Project Management



– e-learning/instructional design strategic planning

– Content-reuse planning

– Needs analysis

– IT support

– Project Management

– Billing software

We provide instructional design to the corporate, educational, healthcare and government sectors

Jonatham Alex

Software Engineer

Jenifer Herley

Graphics Designer

Cristian Smith

Web Developer

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